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Relocate, Remote, Cyprus

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Values Value is a recruiting company with expertise in gamedev, is looking for an experienced Senior Technical Artist for one of our clients, an enthusiastic young, motivated and passionate team who share the goal of making the best online MMO Sandbox on mobile devices.

The company is working on an open-world mobile multiplayer online action game focusing on social interaction. They strive to create the best open-world gaming experience inspired by the GTA series.

What are you working on?
  • The name of the project(s): MMO, Sandbox
  • At what stage of the project(s)? Open Beta, preparation for the Soft Launch
  • Genres: MMO, Action, Role-playing
  • Platforms: Mobile
For which tasks (responsibilities)?
  • Organization of effective communication between the art department, client development and game design departments 

  • Formation of pipelines and requirements for visual content due to specifics of mobile platforms

  • Finalization and set upping of rendering for the needs of the project in collaboration with the engineers

  • Development of non-standard visual content and systems (shaders, post-processes, lighting, cameras, scripts for solving visual problems)

  • Development, implementation and support of graphic features, including:

    • 3D Lobby

    • Character and vehicle customization system

    • Visual feedback system, both in the 3D scene of the city and in the interface

      Mobile PBR Shading

    • Design and development of an open-world LOD system with a high draw distance

    • Development of utilities and setting up game levels

  • Performance control of the visual part of the project (profiling, load testing)

  • Search and implementation of solutions to optimize the performance of the graphic part of the project

  • Participation in the creation of functional prototypes from the visual side

  • Development of tools for automating work with content

  • Assistance in importing and configuring complex visual content into the Unity engine

  • Maintenance of technical documentation

What kind of professional are we looking for?
  • 4+ years of experience as a Unity Technical Artist

  • C# programming skills (coding)

  • Experience in:

    • writing tools and plugins for Unity

    • editing and developing shaders (HLSL, Amplify), including for mobile devices

    • optimizing graphic content for mobile devices

  • Understanding of real-time rendering principles and limitations across platforms

  • Proficiency in several visual content development packages (3D Max, Maya, Blender, Photoshop etc.)

  • Portfolio availability

Desirable requirements:

  • Experience in developing projects which were successfully released

  • The presence of artistic taste

  • Skills in writing scripts and plugins for various graphics packages

Why do we enjoy working here?
  • Investments from the largest gaming fund with great expertise in games

  • An ambitious, new project in the genre. An early stage of development, so there is an opportunity to influence the project

  • Complex tasks

  • Opportunity to participate in decision-making regarding the development of the project

  • Flexible working conditions and a flexible schedule

  • Help with relocation to Cyprus

The selection process

You'll have 3 stages of the Recruitment process:

  • Screening with VV Recruiter

  • Meet and greet interview

  • Technical interview

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Values Value

Company type: other, services

Employees: 11-50

Platforms: PC, Browser, iOS, Android, Console, VR/AR

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